NorCal Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing is pleased to offer video sign language interpreting services through high speed internet. The VI service is currently operating a video interpreting center, based in Sacramento, for the state of California. The center has 4 video stations that can be accessed through the internet, for providing video interpreting services.

VI services provide an alternative to costly, and often unavailable, on-site interpreting services. This allows you to provide a quality service that have not been accessible to deaf consumers.

Equipment needed to utilize the VI Services is a computer, web camera, special videoconferencing software such as flash player plug-in, pc speakers or headset, and a high-speed broadband internet access such as cable, T1, or DSL (358 kbps upstream). Click here for minimum system requirement information.

Requests for VI service can be made by calling NorCal Communication Services at (916) 349-7525, or by completing a VI Request form, submit it online or print and fax to (916) 349-7578. Further instructions on accessing the VI services through the Internet will be provided upon confirmation of the interpreter request.

For assistance in conducting a test call, please contact (916) 349-7500 voice/tty.