NorCal contracts with school districts to provide Deaf Coaching services to families with deaf and hard of hearing children.

A Deaf Coach is a Deaf adult who is fluent in sign language and works in conjunction with the teacher and the family to provide services that support the student’s progress toward IFSP or IEP language goals.

Services provided by the Deaf Coach:

·   Meet with the family weekly or bi-weekly

·  Teach sign vocabulary and engage the family in sign language communication

·   Model the use of sign language and visual cues when interacting with their child

·   Provide strategies for communication

·   Share about Deaf Culture and the general experiences that Deaf people have

·   Introduce families to events in the Deaf Community

Appropriate Referrals for Deaf Coaching Services

Referrals are generally deaf and hard of hearing children from age 0 – 5, however our program also serves school aged
students needing support such as improving sign language communication, accessing school curriculum, or achieving IEP language goals.

Benefits of Deaf Coach Services

·   Increase family communication at home

·   Support child’s language development

·   Increase family’s ability to support child academically

·   Serve as an additional resource for the family

Setting up Deaf Coach Services at your School

A school district can contact NorCal to set up a contract for Deaf Coach services. Upon request, NorCal will provide a service description and hourly rate for service.

If you need assistance requesting your school to provide Deaf Coaching as an approved IFSP or IEP service, contact our Client Advocate.