JOB SUCCESS begins with YOU!

There Are Jobs Out there for YOU!


Our One-Stop Staff who are fluent in American Sign Language (ASL) are happy to help you in finding the right resources to maximize your job opportunities. These resources are available to you at no cost!

For Job Seekers

  • Free use of CalJobs via Internet
  • Assist with Job Search
  • Help with Resume/Cover Letter
  • Assist with Job Applications
  • Practice Interview
  • Job Support
  • Use of Computer and Resources
  • For Employers

  • Tax Credit Information / Incentives
  • Free Deaf Awareness Training
  • Follow Up Services
  • Follow up and Job Support for 30 days
  • Interpreters, at no cost, for:
    •      Interview for jobs

    •      Orientation at work

    •      Training at work

    Partnership Opportunity

    We’d love to discuss with your business how we can work together to make this a positive experience for both you and your prospective Employee.

    If interested, please contact 916-913-0815 (Voice/VP) to talk with our Employee Liaison who will be happy to hear from you!

    Did You Know...?

    Approx. 15% of American Adults (37.5 million) report a decline of some hearing.

    There are many Deaf/Hard of Hearing people that have college degrees and have successful jobs such as teachers, computer programmers, business owners, gov’t employees, public relation officers, driving instructors, and chefs to name a few.

    Open-minded employers and new technology make it possible for many Deaf employees to become valued workers!

    There are employers who will go the extra mile to make your employment relationship successful and rewarding!



    Q: Are there any safety issues for hiring people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing?
    A: There is no documented evidence that Deaf and Hard of Hearing employees have more accidents in the work place.


    Q: How do I communicate with Deaf Employee(s)?
    A: Modern technology such as email, mobile, text, AIM or Video Relay Service (VRS) makes communication easy!  We will help you find communication tools that work for you and your Deaf Employees!  Paper and pen is most commonly used if technology isn't available in such situations.


    Q: Do I need to pay for an interpreter for Deaf / Hard of Hearing employee?
    A: Through our program, we provide interpreters at no cost for interview, orientation, and initial training. For day-to-day communication, the use of modern technology may suffice, and an interpreter may not be needed. However, to ensure accurate and full communication, an interpreter would be needed for safety meetings, seminars, and HR related meetings.


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