For Sacramento County Only. Learn about the Voter Choice Act (VCA) and how we now have new options to make voting more accessible.

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I’m here to talk about the VCA.
Back in 2016
a new law passed called
Voters Choice Act – “VCA”
The reason for VCA
is California legislators
want more people to go and vote.
Five counties are participating in VCA:
and San Mateo.
The statewide election date is June 5, 2018.
If you are a registered voter
you will receive a ballot in the mail this May.
Your options are:
Complete and mail the ballot OR
Drop in a designated county drop box,
no stamp needed,
at county libraries OR
You can drop off the ballot
at a voter’s center.
There will be many voter centers
at different locations
such as the council chambers,
churches, California museums,
and community centers.
Some will be open 3 days
before election day;
some will be open 10 days
before election day.
You can vote on a weekend.
If you are busy during the week,
you can vote on a Saturday or Sunday.
You can go to any voter’s center.
You can go to the one near your work;
you don’t have to go to the one near your home.
If you haven’t registered to vote yet,
you can go register and vote
on the same day at a voter’s center.
If you need to register to vote,
come to our office.
We have registration forms
and can help you register to vote.
For more information on the VCA: /VoteCenters/Pages /June-2018-VoteCenters.aspx
For locations of voter’s centers and drop boxes.